Adoption Law

Adoption is less need, more humanity
Adopting a Child means giving gentleness return back to said child

Adoption, the term denote acceptance. In India, Adoption law is well recognized on the ground of adoption of child by infertile couple, single parents, Gay, Lesbian etc.
No doubt that Adoption law and its procedure is not new in India, but lack of awareness amount it, make it vulnerable and side corner concern.
The Adoption law is most embracing law, which bring happiness within intended parents and also mainly protect future of child surely. But the said reality is that the procedure and compliance are rare known to general public and especially to those who keen to adopting child. In such cases, Legal Solution Center provide following legal services in relation to Adoption Law:
To provide consultation on legal compliance and procedure to take child in adoption.
To guide and advice the intended parents upon Adoption law.
To assist, represent, appear in the matter of adoption in India.
To prepare, draft and file adoption petition before Court and obtain Decree of Adoption in India
To help and assist the intended parents to get necessary documents of Child to be transfer in the intended parents name, such as Passport, Birth Certificate etc.

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