Civil Law

Quote: Civil Law – An institution for legal rights and remedies….

Civil law is though a familiar term in Indian Legal system, but many of us do not aware what it mean in Toto?
Under the codified law in India, the Civil law means the private legal rights and remedies have provided for every Citizen. The Civil law exclusively deals with disputes and remedies of civil nature and excludes the criminal and public law remedy.
The civil law governs the disputes between individuals in such areas as Contracts, Property law, Family law, Company law etc. the civil disputes usually involves private nature disputes between individual and organisation, organization and organization etc.
The civil law provide foundation for legal institutions, doctrines and transaction on the basis of civil society and commercial law. To resolve the civil nature disputes, the codified civil law has been enacted wherein the Legal solution Center assist in resolving disputes with legal remedies in accordance with law, which broadly covers many of civil disputes and appropriate remedies thereupon, such as by initiating proper legal action before Appropriate legal institution or Court of law and provide remedies like compensation, damages for legal injury.

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