Co-Operative Society Matters

Quote: Voice up Collectively

As we know that the lifestyle of nowadays has accommodate in cooperative way. Houses of many becomes society as one, issue of one becomes concern of all. Different people united together and co-operate together as part and parcel of society. The issue of these society need voice up and remedies collectively. In such situation, Legal Solution Center provide accurate solution for all type of Co-operative society disputes, such as:
To notice for recovery of maintenance for society from its members and/or reply or rejoinder to any Notice of recovery of maintenance in accordance with law.
To appear, please, assist, represent, attend and defend any dispute in relation to cooperative society matters before Court/Tribunal/Registrar/Sub-Registrar etc.
To provide legal consultation orally or in written form.
To update about the cooperative society law to its members
To attend meeting and conference for and on behalf of society or members of the society.
Prepare and draft all legal documentations for and on behalf of society or members of the society.
File case or complaint for or against the society or members of the society.

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