Corporate Law

Quote: Commercial charisma hub always parleys their white collar activities by blaming black market trends as law be fluent in twofold remedying

Growing corporate sector, commerce and emerging of e-commerce trend is at high rise. It can be seen that national and international companies has well established in India and therefore, India become hub for corporate sector.
As we know that corporate offices required lots of compliance’s and also consider as legal entity in the eyes of law and therefore, legally binding for its conduct. The corporate sector is well running only on the relationship of employer and employee, which involve huge scope for dispute in corporate sector.
To resolve the disputes of corporate sector or of commercial nature, we provide legal solution to overcome from it. Our area of legal services includes:
To consult and provide legal remedies upon corporate issues.
To registration of any entrepreneur or documents or agreement of commercial nature to carry out commercial activities in smooth manner.
To prepare and make legal documentations like Contracts, Agreements, NDA, MOU and other legal documents and to further issue Notices or reply or rejoinder thereto if any.
To appear, act, represent, assist, advice, attend, defend and contest the litigation for or against the Companies and its officials.
To conduct hearing and initiate proceedings for recovery of monies from commercial transaction in accordance with law.
To handle matter related to Intellectual Property rights like Trademark and copyright registration and if nay infringement of violation then take appropriate action in court of law.

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