Criminal Law

Quote: Criminal law are well antidote, still on and on

As we know that Right to Life is basic fundamental rights guaranteed under Article 21 of the Constitution of India, wherein the crime involve harmful act, not only against individuals, but also against community, society or State. To protect Article 21 – Right to Life of the Constitution of India, the aforesaid harmful act which contravene or violate the rights guaranteed under fundamental rights in Indian Constitution are forbidden and punishable by law.
Crime in India is rampant and therefore, Legal Solution Center attend all nature of criminal offenses and provide legal services in following manner:
By providing legal advice on criminal matters
To prepare draft of complaint for victim of crime and assist them to file criminal complaint in accordance with law.
To appear, represent, plead, contest, attend, defend and assist in dealing criminal matters in court of law.
To assist inn getting Bail and Anticipatory Bail in relation to matters of criminal nature.
To take follow up of matter in Court in accordance with law and procedure.
To prepare and draft the complaint and other documents of criminal matters and assist in filing private complaint before Court of law.

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