Cyber Law

Use Cyber technology for boon,
Don’t allow yourself a Cyber goon,
Law is strict and path is straight,
E-evidence may catch you soon

The upsurge of technology field and its upbringing advancement era has uncounted pros, but misuse of technology is over a big issue which giving birth to new edged crime, known as Cyber Crime.
The Cyber Crime is recent originated crime throughout the world due to advance development of technology. The technology and its advancement come same as coin, which has two side, wherein one side of it make available us with myriad benefits, but on the other side, the vulnerability of technology and security sensitization issues left us with technological and legal lacuna and therefore, rise in Cyber Crime.
To overcome the growing range of Cyber Crime, the Legal Solution Center consult with legal remedy on various aspects of awareness, policies, security, pleading, defending and assisting in the issue related to Cyber spaces.
We also specialised in dealing disputes of social media and online fraud which is rampant in India.
In relation to cyber space issues, the Legal Solution Center provides the following legal services:
To assist and advice on filling cyber-crime complaint with concerned police station.
To prepare any draft complaint for victim of cyber-crime.
To assist, plead, represent any cyber law issues
To contest, defend, appear and represent the person in relation to cybercrime matters.
To provide legal advice and consultation on awareness, policy, security of technology.
To handle the matter of E-commerce and online transaction and rising fraud thereof in day to day life.
To take up the follow up of cyber-crime matters with the Court.
To conduct the matter of social media fraud and/or contest the same before the Court of law.
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