Family Law

Quote: Divorce is a sensational tie turn to neck tie

We understand that the marriage is most subtle relationship and separation is utmost agonizing phase of life.
In such cases, the apt legal consultation can save the marital tie or at least aid to proceed in cases where legal remedy is foremost essential.
India is multi-religion Country and in regards to Family law is concerned, there are numbers of family law regulated under different different Acts for different religions in India.
Being Legal Solution Center, we provides following services under Family / Matrimonial law, which is as under:
To provide Consultation to the parties to matrimonial disputes.
To advice on rebuild of family life of couple especially in cases where no scope for reconciliation between then by providing accurate advice on dispute redress with appropriate mechanism.
To assist, appear, represent, plead and defense the matrimonial dispute matter.
To assist in dealing the matter in connection with custody of child born out of wedlock.
To provide written, oral, online and face to face consultation to the couple.
To assist the parties to the marriage to get registered their marriage in the Office of Registrar of Marriage and also assist in Court Marriage in accordance with law.
To assist, act, represent, appear, plead, to obtain or oppose the Maintenance Application in relation to disputes between spouses, parents and children etc.
To help and assist in filling of Petition, Complainant and case before Appropriate Court in India.
To contest all type of matrimonial disputes in India.
To facilitates Mediation and Counselling between the parties for amicable settlement in relation to matrimonial disputes.
To assist the parties in obtaining Stridhan or for return of property in relation to family disputes.
To assist and represent the Application for Restitution of Conjugal rights for desired spouses and/or oppose the same in the cases for the parties to matrimonial dispute.
To act and represent the matter of marriage of null and void nature