Money Recovery Matters

Quote: Money earning is less effortful than its recovery….

We living in the era where commerce and commercial transactions are boon at one side and hooligan at other side, especially when the payment is wedged. Similar situation occurs when money get jammed in the name of personal or friendly loan and recover thereof become big question.
Sometimes, the recovery of money affect the commercial activities and/or personal relationship, but still recovery vision become dull. In such situations, Legal Solution Center helps to recover blocked money through Civil and/or Criminal recourse and also provides following legal services in money recovery matters:
To advice on e-commerce transaction for future money recovery.
To assist, draft, prepare, plead, appear, contest and represent case before appropriate Court for recovery of money with interest and/or compensation thereof, if any.
To notice for recovery of money with necessary legal compliance’s thereof.
To provide mediation and Counselling in cases where the amicable dispute resolution is suitable and reachable to conclusion.
To conduct summery procedure action in relation to recovery of money in accordance with law.
To prepare legal documents of transaction of money involvement and effective tool for recovery thereof and pride legal remedy if the case of legal dispute or overdue of recovery of money.
To conduct the Cheque bouncing matter, Summery suits etc. for recovery of monies thereof.

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