RERA Matters

Quote: Real estate disputes are real roar in reality, which will aspire or disperse you

As we know that the RERA Act is new enactment in India and well efficiently working for the regulation of Real Estate market and for protecting the interest of large number of buyers of national and international sphere who invest their hard earned money in real estate sector and in return get delay in possession or get cheated.
To regulate the real estate market the Tribunals have been established at all over India and attempt to secure the real estate transaction in India.
With this enactment, the growing rate of cases before RERA Forum has increasing tremulously against the builders. In such situation, Legal Solution Center with its expertise in Real Estate Matters, deals with disputes herewith and provide accurate and fruitful legal redressal, which is as follow:
To prepare, present, appear, represent, plead and contest the complaint before RERA Authority for and against the Developer and Consumers.
To file the complaint before RERA Authority for amicable redressal of issues of Real estate sector.
To file and appear for conciliation matter before RERA Authority having Conciliation Forum for amicable settlement.
To consult the Client and provide advice and guidance on RERA matters and/or other matters connected therewith.
To conduct hearing of the matters of real estate sector before RERA Authority or conciliation forum.
To appeal on any order from RERA Authority to higher Forum or Appeal Court.

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